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LGBTQ+ awareness is an especially important topic in our ever-changing society. By have an awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ will ensure that services and organisations are diverse, inclusive and accepting of everyone.

LGBTQ+ can be seen as quite a complicated subject, this course will be delivered by an expert in this field that will break down the barriers faced for LGBTQ+ individuals. Which will ensure that services and organisations are not discriminating against anyone due to their sexual or gender identity.

Equality & Diversity

In our diverse society it is essential that everyone is aware of how to implement the organisations equality and diversity policies to ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities.

Delegates will go through the nine protected characteristics, be able to respond to any form of discrimination and how to report it if necessary whilst following the guidance from the Equality Act 2010 and in line with their policies and procedures.

Basic Life Support

Basic Life support training including the use of an Automated External Defibrillator following the British Resuscitation Guidelines. Delegates will be shown how to deliver CPR and use an AED if available, deal with a choking casualty and how to place someone in the recovery position safely.

Emergency First Aid at Work

Qualsafe accredited EFAW covering Basic Life Support, wounds, catastrophic bleeding as well as signs and symptoms of other conditions that may need medical attention.

First Aid at Work

Covers Basic Life support and how to deal with accidents and injuries that may happen in the workplace

Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberties

Delegates will learn the five principles of the MCA and how to implement them in their daily job roles. Its essential that when supporting an individual that we do all that we can to ensure we support them in every area of their lives.

Learners will also learn the process of implementing Deprivation of Liberties safeguards (soon to be Liberty protection safeguards) and how to ensure that they are in the best interest of the individual.

Safeguarding of Adults

Safeguarding is everyone’s business!

Delegates will learn what the different categories of abuse are and how to spot signs and symptoms of different types of abuse. Delegates will also be made aware of how to deal with suspected abuse and who to report it to ensuring that they follow their company’s policies and procedures.

Reported hate crimes against Transgender has risen 37% inside the last year


Moving & Handling

Delegates will be shown how to safely move inanimate objects from one place to another.

Delegates will be shown how to safely move and position an individual using various pieces of equipment whilst ensuring the safety of the individual and staff whilst adhering to the moving and handling plan of the service user.

Person Centred Care Planning

Person centred care planning is essential to ensure that all individuals that are supported within care services are supported in a way that takes into consideration of their likes and dislikes, desires and wishes.

By implementing effective person-centred care, it will ensure that the individual that you are supporting feels valued and cared for.

Dementia Awareness

Having an awareness of dementia and how this impacts each individual differently is essential to ensure that we are able to care for individuals who are affected by dementia.

By having this awareness will ensure that services and staff are able to support individuals effectively and in a caring manner.

Behaviours That Challenge

Sometimes when supporting individuals within our services they may display behaviours that challenge. Learners will be able to identify these behaviours and implement distraction techniques to deflate the situation where possible.

Delegates will look at how their actions and communication may impact on an individual’s behaviour. By having an awareness of why an individual may be displaying behaviours that challenge will ensure a better working relationship between the individual and the staff team.

Risk Management

We live in a risk averse society where people will develop risk assessments and implement them that may infringe on an individuals basic human rights.

This course will allow delegates to identify risk, assess the risk and implement an effective risk assessment that is person centred and takes into consideration different aspects of individuals lives.

Mental Health Awareness

We are slowly breaking down the barriers around mental health issues but there is still a lot of stigma around mental health.

Delegates will be able to identify different mental health issues and the impact that this may have on an individual. The course will look at how we can support everyone who may be struggling with their mental health

Mental Health First Aid

Do you know what to do if someone is having a mental health crisis?

This course will allow learners to have the confidence to support someone who is struggling with their mental health and may be at crisis point.

We will discuss different mental health issues and break down the barriers to asking important questions that may be all that is needed to make an individual feel supported. Learners will know when to call for professional help and where they can signpost a person to get extra support.

Mental health first aid is important so that we can support colleagues, service users, family and friends and break the stigma around mental health.

Clinical Skills

We also offer various clinical skills for nursing homes which include Catheterisation, Vena Punctures and wound care management.

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