CML Training Solutions offers bespoke training courses in Health and Social Care. Our highly skilled and experienced team delivers mandatory training programmes, as well as designing courses that are specific for your organisation.

Headed up by speaker and trainer Chad Marshall-Lane, our team are passionate about incorporating inclusion, diversity and acceptance into all aspects of society and the workplace.

CML Training Solutions will work with your organisation -no matter how big or small – to ensure that inclusion, diversity and acceptance are a core part of your ethos and workplace identity.


CML Training Solutions provides bespoke courses which may be custom-built to fit your organisation’s specific requirements.

Areas of expertise include:

> Safeguarding

> Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards


> Mental Health Act Awareness

> Moving and Handling

> Basic Life Support

> Fire Awareness


Chad speaks at events for Businesses and Care Organisations to raise awareness in acceptance, diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion to ensure that organisations are fulfilling their ethos of equality and diversity.


CML Training Solutions believes that Equality and Diversity Training is no longer enough, no matter what your area of business.

Chad, and his team are dedicated to promoting inclusion, acceptance and diversity for everyone.

Together, we will create a workforce that is compliant, forward-thinking and has inclusion and diversity at its heart.

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